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Welcome to the best website for GIS (Geographical Information System) assignment help. We provide professional help for GIS, ArcGIS, QGIS, MapInfo, Map Design & Creation, Cartography, Spatial Analysis, Applied GIS and all other basic and advanced GIS assignment topics. Get expert solutions for your GIS assignments & projects from our top GIS professionals.

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GIS ArcGIS QGIS Assignment Help

GIS stands for 'Geographical Information System'. Our experts are accomplished industry leaders who not only come with great academic qualifications, but they also come with extensive practical experience, which we will be happy to share with you. We can help you with your GIS ArcGIS homework or assignments.

Ask us anything under the sun about GIS like What is GIS, what are the different types of GIS, what is the importance of GIS, how does GIS work, what are the various components of GIS, what are the various GIS mapping softwares available today, how to do GIS mapping and just about anything at all about GIS. Our experts will be happy to answer or solve all your questions in a manner that will be easy for anyone to understand.

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GIS is the acronym for Geographical Information System and it can be defined in many ways. One interesting definition we found for GIS from National Geographic is that

GIS is a system for collecting, storing, verifying and displaying data related to any position on the surface of the earth.

Some others prefer to define GIS as a computerized system for collecting, storing, managing, manipulating and displaying spatial or geographical data. There are various software applications, also referred to as 'GIS tools' which are used to study, analyze, manage and manipulate geographical data. Some of the important GIS software applications (or tools) are ArcGIS, QGIS, MapmyIndia


A Geographical Information System or Geographic Information System (GIS) is a computer system used to gather, store, manage, analyze and read geographical or spatial data related to locations on the earth. The most important aspect of GIS is that at least some part of the data must be related to geographical locations (Jaime Martindale, 2019).

Following are the main types of GIS even though they may not be mutually exclusive at all times (HeathCyberMap.org, 2002):


There are are a number of GIS tools, both free and commercial (that is paid). Depending upon your need and budget you can decided to either go for a freely available GIS software or go for a commercially available, (paid) GIS software to get your job done.

  1. ArcGIS, from ESRI, including ArcReader, ArcPublisher, ArcGlobe, ArcScene & ArcMap.
  2. Quantum GIS (QGIS)
  3. System for Automated Scientific Analysis (SAGA GIS)
  4. SmallWorld from General Electric
  5. AutoCAD Map 3D from AutoDesk
  6. MapInfo Professional owned by Pitney Bowes
  7. Maptitude
  8. Microsoft MapPoint
  9. gvSIG
  10. OpenJUMP GIS


GIS technology is of critical importance in the field of geographical analysis. Some of the most critical importance of GIS (GrindGIS.com, 2018) are:

GIS ArcGIS QGIS Homework Help


GIS helps the user with visualizing, understanding and interpreting the characteristics of the earth by revealing the various relationships, patterns and trends of different geographical locations in the form of maps, reports and graphics (Geomatic.ma, n. d.).

GIS analyzes and displays spatial data stored in databases. GIS allows the user to draw maps from the databases and reference specific data from these maps (Meuser, M. R., 2019). Whenever the data is updated or changed, the relevant map can also be updated simultaneously. Different layers know as “themes” are used by the system to overlay different information categories to the maps. These themes add variety or tiers of information to a geographical background. GIS creates a massive database of wide range information related to a geographical region such as population, rain, weather, traffic, energy supply and consumption, natural resources, disaster risks etc. which the user can access by selecting the map on his/her computer or any internet capable multimedia device. GIS performs complicated analytical tasks and presents the information through maps, tables and graphs.


A fully functional GIS has five main components namely: hardware, software, data, people and methods (Kanickaraj, L., 2018).


ArcGIS is a mapping and analytics platform from ESRI used by organizations to create, analyze, manage and share spatial or geographical data (developers.arcgis.com, n. d.). The ArcGIS is made up of servers, software applications for desktops and mobile devices and tools for developers. It is a flexible platform which can be deployed in the premises or on cloud based servers.


Quantum GIS is a free and open source spatial information system which is used to create, edit, visualize and publish various geospatial information on a variety of computer operating systems (qgis.org, n. d.). The application is licensed under the GNU General Public License. It is an open source application driven and managed by volunteers. The application supports both raster and vector data layers. It also stores and supports multiple layers of raster images whereas the vector data is stored as point, line or polygon features. The software application is capable of geo-referencing images. QGIS is also capable of integrating with other open source GIS applications such as PostGIS, GRASS GIS and MapServer./p>


System for Automated Scientific Analysis (SAGA) is a free and open source GIS software designed for effective and efficient implementation of spatial algorithms (SAGA, n. d.). It offers a comprehensive, easy to use and growing set of geo-scientific methods of editing spatial data. It provides the user with many visualization options which are based on an easily accessible user interface. The SAGA software runs on Windows and Linux operating systems. Being open source software, SAGA gives the user the freedom to run the application for any purpose, to study the working and functionality of the software in order to make modifications, to share copies and to make improvements and making those improvements available to the public. Most SAGA source codes are licensed under GNU General Public License or GPL, except the SAGA API.


AutoCAD Map 3D is a software application from AutoDesk which provides the user the access to GIS and mapping data so that he/ she can plan, design and manage spatial data (AutoDesk, 2019). Intelligent models and various tools help the user to apply standards that are specific to a region or discipline. Improvement in quality, productivity and asset management is made possible through the integration of GIS data in the software. Some important features of AutoCAD Map 3D include surface and cloud point tools, data conversion to intelligent industry model, analysis tools to answer questions and make decisions regarding data, and access to topographical data directly from the source.


MapInfo Professional is a desktop based GIS software application owned by Pitney Bowes Software. The software is used for mapping and location analysis, allowing users to visualize, analyze, interpret understand and share data in order to reveal spatial relationships, trends and patterns. Users can explore spatial data within a given dataset, add symbols to features and create maps using the software. The software provides the user with flexible map displays, instant customizations, robust background maps, advanced analytics and smarter calculations and interpretations (Pitney Bowes, n. d.). It also allows the user to access more amounts of data, gain better and bigger insights, and find what they are looking more efficiently.


Maptitude is a GIS mapping software owned by Caliper Corporation which gives the user the required tools, maps and demographic data to analyze and understand how the geographical factors affect businesses (Caliper, n. d.). Maptitude gives the users the ability to visualize the data in various ways, understand the hidden geographical patterns in the data and interpret and share the analyzed information effectively. The software provides all mapping and analytical tools in a single user friendly package. With the Maptitude software, the user can know the demographics and customer locations, visualize the areas with the highest sales, find opportunities that are not apparently visible, find geographical patterns that cannot be found in databases and find solutions to geographical problems affecting the business.

GIS ArcGIS QGIS Homework Help


The Microsoft MapPoint is a GIS software package that allows the user to view, edit and integrate maps by using advanced and complex technology. The software which was first released in 2000 and had many upgrades has now been discontinued by Microsoft. The software works only on Microsoft Windows operating systems. The software is used mainly by business users and has features specific to business purposes, even though it is widely seen in the low-end market for GIS software. Microsoft released a free version of the software a couple of years after the software was introduced, but it was quickly overtaken by MSN Maps and later by Bing Maps. MapPoint can be used in conjunction with many other software and web-based applications


gvSIG is a java based desktop GIS application used to capture, store, handle, analyze and deploy a wide array of geo-referenced information. The information manipulated by the application is then used to solve management and planning issues and problems that are generally complex in nature. gvSIG is a user friendly and interoperable GIS application which works in various different formats, raster and vector data, databases and remote services (gvSIG, n. d.). The application provides many tools to the user to analyze and manage the geographical information of interest. gvSIG is an open source free software licensed under the GNU and GPL License. The gvSIG Desktop is purposefully created as a solution that is easily extensible which allows the users to make improvements and customizations to the software.

GIS ArcGIS QGIS Assignment Help


OpenJUMP is an open source GIS developed and maintained by a group of volunteers from around the world (Open Jump, n. d.). The software is based on the JAVA platform, even though the software can be used on various operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux, UNIX and Apple OS just by installing the JAVA Runtime. Initially the software was known as JUMP GIS and was designed by Vivid Solutions. The most important characteristic of the software is that it can process ESRI shapefiles, GML files along with several other formats of vector data simply by using a plug-in. The software is also capable of reading from many different geographical databases and writing PostGIS. OpenJUMP can be easily used as a data viewer as it supports images and WFS and WMS web services.


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What does Cogo stand for in GIS?

COGO stands for "coordinate geometry". It refers to the set of tools and techniques used in geographic information systems (GIS) to work with and manipulate spatial data using coordinates, such as points, lines, and polygons. This can include tasks such as measuring distances and angles, calculating areas and volumes, and converting between different coordinate systems.

How is GIS enabling scientists to assess the health of vegetation in the Amazon rainforest?

GIS, or Geographic Information Systems, is enabling scientists to assess the health of vegetation in the Amazon rainforest by providing tools for collecting, analyzing, and visualizing large amounts of spatial data. This data can include information on tree density, canopy cover, and vegetation biomass, as well as information on factors that can impact vegetation health, such as temperature, precipitation, and soil moisture. GIS software can also be used to create maps and models that help scientists understand the relationships between different factors and predict how vegetation might respond to changes in the environment. This information can be used to identify areas of the Amazon rainforest that are at risk of deforestation or degradation, and to develop strategies for protecting and restoring these important ecosystems.

What does the G in GIS stand for?

The G in GIS stands for "Geographic"

When a GIS dataset for a given project is constantly revised accessed and manipulated by multiple users the best practice approach for storing the data is?

The best practice approach for storing GIS data that is constantly revised, accessed, and manipulated by multiple users is to use a centralized database management system (DBMS) or a spatial data infrastructure (SDI). This allows for multiple users to access and manipulate the data simultaneously while maintaining data integrity and version control. It is also important to establish clear procedures for data entry, editing, and validation to ensure data quality and consistency. Additionally, regular backups should be taken to ensure data recovery in case of errors or system failures.

How do you put GIS on a resume?

To include GIS (Geographic Information Systems) experience on a resume, you can list it under a relevant section such as "Skills" or "Technical Proficiencies." In this section, you should list any GIS software you are proficient in, such as ArcGIS or QGIS, as well as any relevant certifications or training you have completed. Additionally, you can include any GIS-related projects or experience you have under a section such as "Work Experience" or "Projects." Be sure to include details such as the specific tasks you completed, the tools and software you used, and the impact of your work.

How to share GIS data?

There are several ways to share GIS data, including:

Ultimately, the best method for sharing GIS data will depend on the intended audience, the size and complexity of the data, and the resources available.

What methods do you use to manage the GIS database?

There are several methods for managing a GIS database, including:

Where can I learn GIS?

There are many resources available for learning GIS (Geographic Information Systems), including online tutorials, classes, and degree programs. Some popular options include:

It is also important to note that GIS is a constantly evolving field and its important to keep updated with the latest advancements and trends.

How do I use Web GIS?

Web GIS refers to the use of geographic information systems (GIS) technology on the internet. To use web GIS, you will need access to a web-based GIS platform or application, and an internet connection. These platforms typically provide tools for creating, editing, and analyzing spatial data, as well as tools for creating and publishing interactive maps. Some common web GIS platforms include ArcGIS Online, QGIS Cloud, and Google Earth. To use a web GIS platform, you will typically need to create an account and log in. Once logged in, you can access the platforms tools and resources, upload your own data, and create maps and visualizations.

How to write a GIS report?

Writing a GIS report typically involves the following steps:

How to get GIS projects?

There are a few ways to get GIS projects:

GIS projects can vary widely in scope and complexity, so it may take some time and effort to find the right opportunity for you.

What does FID mean in GIS?

FID stands for "feature ID" in GIS, which is a unique identifier assigned to each feature (point, line, or polygon) in a GIS dataset. It is used to reference and retrieve specific features within the dataset.

How do I create a GIS application?

Creating a GIS application involves several steps:

  1. Defining the problem and objectives of the application.
  2. Gathering and preparing the necessary data, including spatial and non-spatial data.
  3. Choosing the right software and tools for developing the application. Examples include QGIS, ArcGIS, and Mapbox.
  4. Designing and building the application, including creating maps and visualizations, as well as implementing any necessary data analysis and processing functionality.
  5. Testing and debugging the application to ensure it works as intended.
  6. Deploying the application to a server or hosting it on a web platform, making it accessible to users.

There are many different types of GIS applications, and the development process may vary depending on the specific application and the tools and technologies used. it is important to note that you might need to have some knowledge in GIS concepts and data handling, programming languages and web development to be able to create GIS application.

How to cite Diva GIS data?

When citing data from Diva GIS, you should include the following information:

For example

Title of dataset. (Source of dataset). Retrieved from URL of Diva GIS website on [date of access].

e.g "Global Administrative Areas (GADM) database version 3.6. (GADM). Retrieved from https://www.diva-gis.org/gdata on [2021-07-31]."

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