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Welcome to the best economics problem solver website for college & university assignments. Our top economics experts are available 24 hours a day to help you with all your college & university homework, assignments & projects. Looking for urgent homework help? No problem: we can deliver urgent assignments within 24 hours. Check out our 24 hour homework help service. We can help you with your Applied Economics homework. Email your economics homework questions to us at info@urgenthomeworkhelp.com. You can also chat with us on our website or on Whatsapp at +1.289.499.9269.

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Econometrics Economic Development and Planning Economic Principles
Equilibrium Price and Quantity Game Theory GDP Measurement
International Economics Labour Economics Law of Demand
Macroeconomics Managerial Economics Mathematical Economics
Medical and Health Economics Microeconomics Monetary and Macroeconomic Theory
Price Effect Public Economics Quantitative Analysis
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Applied economics can be defined as the application of economic theories and principles to real-world scenarios in order to predict outcomes. Applied economics is also defined as the application of core theories of economics and econometric tools to answer questions in a wide range of fields.

Economics can also be viewed from two angles: Core Economics & Applied Economics. While Core Economics involves studying the various Economic Theories and Principles, Applied Economics makes use of these theories to solve real world problems. Students of applied economics learn how to use the economic principles in the practical fields of finance, business, industries, government and consulting to assess the problems and solve them. The field of applied economics also involves making predictions on certain changes based on the readings of these theoretical concepts.

The use of the term ‘applied economics’ has been ascribed to J.M.Keynes, followed by other economists of the 19thb and 20th Century. One of the noted economists Vilfredo Pareto states the difference between pure and applied economics is pure economics containing lines of arguments and applied economics providing the details. One of the core concepts used in applied economics is that of econometrics which is a tool for converting mathematical, statistical and economic models to quantifiable empirical outcomes. In basic terms, it helps to give a quantifiable identity to a theory or hypothesis. Applied economics and econometrics play an important role in economic policymaking. For example, they come in very handy when bankers need to know the impact of changes in inflation rate on the growth rate while making or setting monetary policies.


The underlying principle of Applied Economics involves around reducing the abstraction level of Core Economics so that the theories can be applied to practical problems in real world scenarios. This process of abstraction involves the following elements:

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Though initially many economists scoffed at the idea of applied economics while patronizing only pure economics, the important of applied economics cannot be overlooked. It takes into account the present circumstances and offers a hypothetical outcome which can help people to make important decisions. One of the most important aspects of applied economics is seen in the formation of public policies. Governments and public policy makers take the help of applied economics to predict the outcome of the policy changes on a host of factors such as growth factor, industry, demand supply, national income etc. and then make additions or changes to the policy structure. Monetary policies are very important and thus they have to be formulated with precision keeping in mind their effects on the nation’s economy. Apart from such important aspects, applied economics also finds its use in the small decisions such as: what long term impact on financial assets will buying a luxury product make on an individual basis? Applied economics also finds usefulness in the determination of pay packages and bonuses in organizations. Today applied economics is increasingly being used in the fields of finance, banking, insurance, actuarial sciences, public policy fields such as labour, agriculture, transportation & industriesetc. Applied economics graduates and post-graduates find career opportunities in a variety of fields related to these sectors.


In situations where an economic analysis needs to be done in the absence of sufficient data, applied economists use the core theoretical models of econometrics to make the required predictions. Some of these analysis can be done using simple graphical depictions, a more advanced analysis may need the use of external estimates such as the elasticities of demand and supply in the specific industry to make more reliable predictions

There can also be instances when applied economists may be required to analyse certain data and come up with answers to a number of questions based on it. Applied economists may have to estimate the impact of policy decisions on the economy or individuals. In a very relevant example provided by Professor Kara Reynolds of the American University, Washington DC, she, as an applied economist was interested finding out if the TAA (Trade Adjustment Assistance) program was effective in helping workers who have lost their jobs due to increased trade, find new and better well-paying jobs.

She used data from the Department of Labor and the US Census Bureaus current population survey and an empirical methodology called Propensity Score Matching and matched each worker who had participated in the program with other similar workers who had lost their jobs but had not participated in the TAA program to compare their employment outcomes.

The applied economist found that the TAA, as such did not help workers find new, well-paying jobs, but the workers who participated in the training programs of TAA did considerably better than those who did not take part in these training sessions.


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Applied economists can be found in almost all industries-they work in financial institutions, government and non-government agencies, consulting agencies. In fact, most professional economists are applied economists, who go about predicting situations, answering questions and solving various day-to-day problems using both theoretical and econometric tools.

If you wish to become an Applied Economist, there are a number of courses you can pursue, like for example, ECON-623 & ECON-624 of the American Univeristy, Washington DC.

Note: All information provided above is for information purposes only. We are an independent provider of academic support services and not related to American University, or any other university, in any manner whatsoever.


Being the leader in providing economics homework help to college and university students worldwide, we have an immense responsibility to get you top marks in the applied economics assignments that we write for you. Thousands of students have benefitted from our economics assignment help programs. We understand every student may have a different set of requirements for academic help-chat with our customer success managers on our website today for customized help. Remember, we work 24/7, all round the year.

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