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Lean Manufacturing is a business concept that focuses on increasing efficiency and productivity in the processes of manufacturing by reducing or eliminating wastage or ‘muda’ in Japanese. This is done by minimising the time and resources used. Also known as Lean Production, Special emphasis is on elimination of wastage of all types. Lean manufacturing process is a mix of different management philosophies, aimed at taking the operations level to the highest efficient level.

The origin of the lean manufacturing process is traced to Japan, with specific reference to early years of Toyota, between the late 1980s to the early 1090s. To increase profit and improve sales, Eiji Toyoda set on a journey to improvise Toyota’s manufacturing processes. He collaborated with Taiichi Ōno for developing Toyota Production System, a compilation of lean manufacturing tools. The tools were later highlighted in ‘Lean Solutions’, a book published by James Womack’s and Daniel Jones. They went on to identify the five principles of lean manufacturing.


There are five principles of lean manufacturing, as highlighted by Womack and Jones. These principles, centring around Toyota’s success, assist businesses in creating products keeping in mind what customers want.

    • This principle means defining what your customers want and value. Focus on the customers’ needs and nothing else. Design products keeping in mind what your users want and remove features that pose a hinderance in your way to achieve that design. This way, businesses will be able to cut down on wasteful steps. Design for Six Sigma (DFSS) is a superb tool for businesses to identify value.
    • To create value, a company has to go through various processes called value stream. It may start from looking for the most appropriate raw materials, product design, to the final product disposal.Value stream is like the complete life-cycle of a product. Value Stream Mapping (VSM), a lean tool, can assist businesses in visually mapping. Discard processes that add no value to the product.
    • In this principle of Lean Manufacturing, companies need to develop an understanding of how inventory flow works in their warehouse. For efficient product flow, every factor from equipment to shipping, should be looked into. The processes should work in a systematic way to create a product that customers want. Value stream helps companies maintain the work flow even when employees are reshuffled.
    • Pull principle works on the simple assertion that your product should be so strong that customers are automatically pulled towards your product. Why? Because your product is just what the customers want. It works on ‘customers needs’ as the prime focus rather than the aim of selling a product. It works totally in contrast to the traditional push production system, where a company needs to push customers towards its products, making it hard to sell the product. Push systems means huge inventories. Lean manufacturing tools like Kanban find a prominent place in assisting businesses with the pull system.
    • The last principle states 'look for perfection in everything you do'. This implies do whatever it takes to produce a world-class product. Improvise on their practices, transform work culture, remove any smidgen of waste practice, and concentrate just on creating what the end-users demand. Nothing less, nothing more.


The primary elements of lean manufacturing are as follows:


When we talk about 'waste' in lean manufacturing, it refers to the unnecessary expenditure of resources that fails to add value for a consumer. Generally, there are seven wastes in lean manufacturing:

  1. Over-production (result of going against plan)
  2. Waiting time of machines and operators
  3. Unwanted transportation
  4. Waste resulting in manufacturing process
  5. Excess material stock and component stock
  6. Non value-adding motion
  7. Quality defects


Philosophies of businesses that form part of lean manufacturing include:

Kaizen is a philosophy encompassing continuous improvement, lays focus on introducing incremental but small changes, and then gradually moving to every worker, be it in the production floor or corner office, for better business practices. As part of lean manufacturing training, Kaizen leads to enhanced productivity through low costs and quality products.


  1. Six sigma is a process improvement methodology that originated from Motorola, during the mid 1980s. According to six sigma, manufacturing processes deviates from the standard by a certain 'sigma' which is the unit of such deviation. Six sigma uses statistical processes to identify and correct these deviations.
  2. Six sigma improves quality by minimizing errors in production whereas Lean Manufacturing improves quality by miniizing waste.
  3. Six sigma can be used in both manufacturing and non-manufacturing scenarios whereas lean manufacturing is largely used in manufacturing scenarios.

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