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Welcome to the best website for psychology homework help, for college and university students. If you are looking for high quality college homework help for any psychology homework or assignment topic, you are in the right place. We deliver high-quality psychology homework assignments with guaranteed best results. Get assignment help online from our best psychology homework writers for even the most complex college or university assignment. We will deliver your fully completed psychology assignment exactly when you need it. In case you have to submit your homework at a very short notice, we provide 24 hour homework help where we can deliver your fully completed psychology answers within 24 hours, or even earlier, if possible. In other words, if we accept your psychology writing assignment, we will absolutely deliver it on the agreed date & time. Contact us any time of the night or day for urgent homework help.

psychology homework help

We work on all fields of psychology assignments, including, but not limited to clinical psychology, Management Psychology, Argyle Communication Cycle in Social Psychology, Constructive Processing in Memory and a lot more. Our psychology tutors are highly qualified and adequately experienced to work on any psychology assignment question and we often solve complex and abstract topics in psychology. Our psychology assignment writing service has helped thousands of college & university students to get top marks in their college or university assignments.

Our psychology homework writers write some of the best homework assignments which cover the basics of Psychology right upto the advanced concepts in all disciplines like Developmental Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Industrial Psychology, Consumer Psychology, Educational Psychology, Mathematical Psychology, Investigative Psychology, Criminal Psychology, Personality Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Clinical Psychology, Statistics in Psychology, Geriatric Psychology, Experimental Psychology, Psychoanalysis, Pre and Perinatal Psychology, Problem Solving, Research methods in Psychology, Psychopathology, Persuasion Theories of Communication, Power Tactics, Power and Influence, Evolutionary Psychology, Applications of Psychology, Theories of Perception and many more.

We also provide some valuable insights on research topics as well. Online assignment help provided by us is affordable, reliable and most importantly, 100% plagiarism-free. We work 24x7 including weekends and holidays and our customer success team is always available on chat on our website to answer your questions and help you. We are only an email away.

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In order to write a good assignment, you will need to first have a good understanding of the subject. Psychology is the branch of science that studies human and animal behaviour and tries to make behavioural predictions based on a pattern of past behaviours. Psychology is not magic and psychologists are not similar to astrologers, numerologists, palmists etc because psychology is a science. Psychologists cannot read your mind by just looking at your face!

There is psychology is every aspect of our lives and at every stage of our lives. An infant thinks very differently from an older child. Older children) think differently when complared to younger adults. Young adults think differently when compared to older adults, middle-aged individuals. Senior citizens deal with their set of thoughts and behaviour patterns. People think and behave differently when left to themselves and when they are put in a group. People in high positons think and behave differently when compared to those in the lower levels of heirarchy. People with power behave differently when compared to when that power is taken away from them. There is psychology in industry, technology and even color.

A psychologist studies all of these and leverages that learning to the larger benefit of the human society. As a full-fledged psychologist, we will be faced with a number of unique situations and people will expect you to solve all of them. Our experts are full-time Psychologists with a great deal of academic and practical knowledge. The assignments they write for you will be an immense source of valuable knowledge which you can use even for later reference.


Term-end or semester-end homework and assignments are a great way of evaluating the students level of understanding of the subject. For the student, it is an opportunity to showcase to your professor or teacher how much you have learnt and understood. A well-researched, well-written, well-formatted psychology assignment is sure to get you top marks than those that are done in a hurry and shabbily presented. True, you may not have the time to put all your effort into it, but that is no excuse not to submit a professional psychology homework assignment.

Get in touch with us so that our experts can write an excellent psychology homework assignment for you. Submit it to your college or university and get top marks. Remember, students who get top scores will not only have the respect of the instutution, but also that of employers and the rest of the society as well. Your information with is kept absolutely confidential and never shared, sold or even discussed with any third-party.

As you can see, there are a number of disciplines and branches in Psychology and even if you are a master in all or most disciplines, you may still need to seek help from a Psychology assignment expert so that your homework assignment stands out due to superior quality, content, formatting and knowledge.

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Do you need urgent homework help? Something that needs to be submitted in a hurry? We can help. Our team of expert psychology assignment writers can handle even the most difficult, last-minute requests. We can write up an excellent psychology assignment for you overnight, if required.

When you buy Psychology homework help from us, we get our most qualified expert to work on your project. These individuals are experts who have had many years of experience working on live Psychology consulting situations. We make sure that there is no time lost after we receive your order. Our experts are passionate about Psychological consulting and treatment just as much as they are about making sure that they are able to help you get the top scores. We will keep you posted with the status of your Psychology homework assignment at every stage.


Placing an order for psychology homework help is as simple as sending us your requirements using the ENQUIRY FORM provided in this page, on the right. Just fill in your contact details, add any additional information and attached relevant reference documents, if any, and send it to us. We will review it and contact you right away. And oh! remember to tell us when you need it completed.

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Why do we tend to use two tailed tests in psychology?

Two tailed tests are used in psychology because they test for differences or effects in both directions, not just in one direction (as in one-tailed tests). This allows for greater flexibility in testing hypotheses and provides a more conservative approach to data analysis, reducing the risk of Type I errors (false positives). Two tailed tests provide a better understanding of the nature of the relationship between variables, which is important in psychology where understanding the underlying mechanisms and relationships is crucial.

Why is psychology not a pseudoscience?

Psychology is not considered a pseudoscience because it is based on scientific methods and evidence. Pseudoscience refers to beliefs or practices that claim to be scientific but lack empirical evidence and are not subject to scientific testing and validation. In psychology, theories are developed and tested through rigorous scientific methods, including research design, statistical analysis, and peer review. The theories and findings of psychology are constantly being revised and updated based on new evidence and research findings, making it a dynamic and evolving field. Furthermore, the American Psychological Association and other professional organizations have established ethical and scientific standards for the practice of psychology, which helps to ensure that the field remains grounded in scientific principles.

Why is Kitty Genovese important to psychology?

Kitty Genovese is important to psychology because her story highlights the phenomenon of the "bystander effect." The bystander effect refers to the tendency for individuals to be less likely to offer help to a victim in an emergency situation when there are other people present. The story of Kitty Genovese's murder in 1964, in which witnesses reportedly did not intervene to help her despite her cries for help, is often used as an example of the bystander effect in psychology. The case drew widespread attention and led to research on the factors that influence helping behavior and the social psychological processes involved in bystander intervention. The study of the bystander effect has since contributed to our understanding of group behavior, social influence, and the importance of social cues and situational factors in shaping human behavior.

Who got the first PHD in psychology?

The first PhD in psychology was awarded to Lightner Witmer in 1896 at the University of Pennsylvania. Witmer was an American psychologist and educator who is considered the founder of clinical psychology. He established the first psychological clinic in the United States, where he provided psychological assessments and treatments to children with learning and behavioral problems. His work laid the foundation for the development of clinical psychology as a distinct field within psychology, and he is recognized for his contributions to the training and professionalization of psychologists.

Who is the father of evolutionary psychology?

The father of evolutionary psychology is often considered to be David M. Buss. Buss is an American psychologist and professor who has made significant contributions to the field of evolutionary psychology. He has conducted extensive research on human mating strategies, aggression, and the evolution of emotions and has written numerous books on these topics. Buss is recognized for his pioneering work in applying evolutionary theory to the study of human behavior and for his efforts to integrate evolutionary psychology with other areas of psychology and biology. He has also played a key role in the development of the field by training many of the current leading researchers in evolutionary psychology and advancing its recognition as a legitimate and important area of study.

Who established the first psychology lab in the United States?

G. Stanley Hall established the first psychology lab in the United States in 1887 at Johns Hopkins University.

Who established the first psychology laboratory in Germany?

Wilhelm Wundt established the first psychology laboratory in Germany in 1879 at the University of Leipzig.

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When were ethical guidelines introduced in psychology?

Ethical guidelines in psychology were introduced in the 1950s.

What does IFS stand for in psychology?

Internal Family Systems (IFS) is a therapeutic approach to psychotherapy and counseling that was developed by Richard C. Schwartz in the 1980s. It is based on the idea that each person has an "internal family" consisting of different parts of the self, such as inner child, protector, or critic. These parts often have their own distinct qualities, thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, and they can become disordered or conflicted, leading to psychological and emotional problems.

IFS therapy seeks to help individuals understand and heal these internal parts and relationships, by encouraging them to access and communicate with their different parts in a non-judgmental and compassionate manner. The ultimate goal is to help the person reach a state of self-leadership, where they are able to effectively manage and integrate their internal parts, leading to improved well-being and functioning.

What does IQ stand for in psychology?

Intelligence Quotient (IQ) is a standardized score that is used to evaluate a person's cognitive abilities and intellectual potential. It is calculated by dividing a person's mental age (as determined by standardized tests) by their chronological age and then multiplying that number by 100. An IQ score of 100 is considered average, with scores above 100 indicating higher intelligence and scores below 100 indicating lower intelligence. However, it's important to note that IQ tests only measure certain aspects of intelligence and may not accurately reflect a person's overall abilities or potential.

What is SC psychology?

SC psychology stands for "Social Cognitive Psychology," which is a branch of psychology that focuses on how people understand, think about, and interact with other people and their social environment. It considers how mental processes, such as perception, memory, and reasoning, influence social behavior and how social context, in turn, affects those mental processes.

What does LCP stand for in psychology?

LCP stands for "Life-Course Psychology," which is a subfield of developmental psychology that examines the lifelong development of individuals and the role of social and environmental factors in shaping their experiences and outcomes. It considers how early life experiences, as well as events throughout the lifespan, impact psychological and physical health, relationships, and overall well-being.

What is considered a small sample size in psychology?

In psychology, a small sample size is generally considered to be less than 30 participants. A sample size of 30 is commonly used as a rule of thumb in psychological research, as it provides a good balance between statistical power and feasibility in terms of time and resources. However, the appropriate sample size depends on many factors, such as the variability of the population, the magnitude of the effect size, and the desired level of precision, among others. In some cases, smaller or larger sample sizes may be appropriate, but in general, a sample size of less than 30 is considered small.

What are the benefits of clinical psychology?

Clinical psychology offers several benefits, including:

Who came up with sociocultural psychology?

Lev Vygotsky, a Russian psychologist, is considered the founder of sociocultural psychology.

Who published research related to the psychology of personality?

Many psychologists have published research related to the psychology of personality, including Sigmund Freud, Carl Jung, Abraham Maslow, Erik Erikson, B.F. Skinner, and Gordon Allport.

What can you do in forensic psychology?

Forensic psychology involves applying psychological principles to legal issues and criminal justice. Some common tasks for forensic psychologists include:

Which famous female psychologist completed all the requirements for a doctorate in psychology but was denied the degree because of her sex?

Margaret Floy Washburn was the first female psychologist to earn a Ph.D. in psychology in the United States, in 1894. She completed all the requirements for the degree at Columbia University but was denied the degree because of her sex. Despite this, she went on to make important contributions to the field and was eventually awarded an honorary degree from Columbia in 1929.

How do you recruit participants to study psychology?

There are several methods to recruit participants for a psychology study, including:

Regardless of the method used, it is important to obtain informed consent from participants, provide clear explanations of the study purpose and procedures, and ensure the welfare and confidentiality of the participants.


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